Successful medical practices can directly relate their success to their patient relations. Patients are more likely to return to an office where they felt as though they were treated well both medically and personally. The relationship between patients and medical staff is critical for many reasons.

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One is the patient s medical care. When someone visits a medical office and experiences personalized care, not only is their physical health more likely to respond well but their psychological response will be better, too. With a better medical outcome, the job of healing and maintaining a patient s health is easy and less time consuming.

Another reason that patient relations is vital to a medical practice is the return rate. Patients who believe they have been treated well and are important to the practice are more likely to return to a medical office for future checkups and treatment. Continued visits allow a medical office to further treat individuals through to the end of their medical care, which provides better outcomes for all involved.

Thirdly, when patients have great rapport with a healthcare facility, you can count on them referring others to you. This is truly powerful. Because when someone recommends a doctor, dentist, physical therapist and their medical staff, then you can rest assured that your reputation is being built on solid ground. And with social media as prominent as it is, word-of-mouth referrals are not only passed from neighbor to neighbor, but citywide with 5-stars rating systems beckoning patients to tell-all.

When you add all these reasons together, the financial benefits are evident. By focusing on providing an excellent patient experience, medical facilities are assured continued and increased business. But how do medical services give their undivided attention to patient care when there are multiple other duties such as appointment reminders, calling patients who miss their appointments, recall and wellness calls and follow-up medical billing issues that need equal attention.

Automated Phone Calls Provides Benefits to Patient and Staff

Automated phone calls are one of those tasks that can free up medical staff who can then provide the best in medical care to patients. The time and attention devoted to call reminders are no longer required. 1-800 Notify provides medical offices with an automated call service which allows a medical facility to do an initial set up and then just let it work.

In just a few easy steps, the reminder service can be set up and running. Patients will receive the reminders they need to keep them on track. Whether it be an appointment reminder, lab work reminder, bill payment due or wellness messages, 1-800 Notify will do all this for you and without a long-term commitment.

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Providing patients with the best in medical treatment and services is important. Along with that, patients rapport with an office and its staff is equally as important.

This is why more and more medical professionals are relying on 1-800 Notify to remind patients of their calendar and health obligations. Its no-fail phone call service guarantees patients receive the information they need when they need it. Give 1-800 Notify a try by signing up for a free trial.
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