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Saving hundreds of dollars every month!!!

Working in a medical billing office, we were sending thousands of patient statements every month. With 1800 Notify we are saving hundreds every month by having a reminder call go out to the patients instead of mailing follow-up statements. The service is super convenient for us and the patients; when they receive the call, option 2 will send them directly to our patient call center so they can resolve and pay the bill immediately. The 1800 Notify team is very communicative which makes creating custom call jobs and changing the messages that we send out a breeze. The user interface is so easy to learn and manage and the call quality is amazing. Automated reports that are sent post a job make managing and updating our patient accounts so easy. We have referred several of our clients to 1800 Notify and the types of services they offer. From patient reminders to mass updates about changes in accepted insurances or moving office locations, 1800 Notify always delivers. 1800 Notify has changed the way we do business for the better. We will never look back! Thanks 1800 Notify and Team!!!

-April Bush, Office Administrator for Professional Reimbursement Managers, Inc., Florida

Epic Systems Integrated IVR Autopay by Phone: Immediate Results – Containment Rate Went from 0% to 30% in Less that 3 Months

Immediate results attained. Our IVR containment rate went from 0% to 30% and climbing in less than 3 months [ Over 30% of all calls received are now handled by the 1800 Notify automated system ] due solely to 1800 Notify s IVR Autopay Services. With our ability to take payments via our IVR 24/7 our patient s are happier and we can focus our attention on providing Top Notch Customer Service by resolving our patient s concerns.

The 1800 Notify staff commitment to their client is reflective not only by professionalism, but their willingness to accommodate our request and the quick responses we receive.

— Faye Mosley, Customer Service Call Center Manager, Los Angeles, CA

IVR: Highly Recommend 24/7 Solution for Patient Phone Payments

The IVR is a great tool which alleviated a lot of calls our staff was taking, and also provides the patients with more flexibility in making payments because they can call 24/7. The implementation process was very smooth, and we were able to integrate it into our current phone system without any issues. The IVR product is very reliable, and we have received positive feedback from patients regarding having this tool. Overall we highly recommend the IVR product to anyone who is looking for a 24/7 solution.

— Manager of Credit and Collections, Patient Financial Services, Hospital, NY

Our No-show Rate Dropped 50%

We are a very busy OB-Gyn practice who runs our schedule on Epic Systems. Our staff was trying to make manual appointment reminder calls, but sometimes just got too busy to make every single call. Since we started using 1-800 Notify for appointment reminder calls and texts for our patients, we have seen our no-show rate drop by 50% (down from 14% to 7%) in just the first month. We are also receiving 33% confirmations. Patients are happy with the new system (no complaints) and each patient now receives two reminders – a phone call 2 days prior and a text reminder 1 day prior. In addition, our staff is happy not to have to spend hours every day on manual reminder calls. I would definitely recommend 1-800 Notify to any practice looking to streamline their appointment reminders and reduce no-shows.

– M. Gilbert MBA CPC, Practice Administrator, University OB GYN Associates Inc., Syracuse, NY

Great Customer Service!

1-800 notify has been very helpful for our practice. They have a great customer service. They resolve issues promptly if any. Our patients have loved the new feature of being reminded via text! Our patient volume went from seeing 15 patients to 28 patients a day within 2 weeks of signing up. Great Job!

– Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay DNP, WHNP-C, FNP-C, Texas

A Great Help to Us! Our Patients Appreciate and Rely On Phone and Text Reminders

We are very happy we gave this company a chance. 1-800 Notify has helped us become more efficient in managing our schedule. Our patients also appreciate the phone calls and text messages and have come to rely on them more often than not. We have seen more timely communication from our patients based on the calls/texts from 1-800 Notify. We can upload the calls/texts to go out at anytime when we know it’ll be convenient for us and our patients. Also, being able to work with 1-800 Notify to send out special messages when we need has been such a great help to us.

– Jessica Alexander-Able, Office Manager, Park Central Medical

Immediate 50% Drop in No-Shows at Significantly Less Cost than Competitors!

Our office experienced an immediate 50% decrease in No-Show patients once we started using 1-800 Notify. This improvement has been consistent for the past four months. The patients love getting text reminders for their appointments, and it saves our staff time over four hours each week which we used to spend calling patients. The service is highly customizable, and significantly less expensive than other services. The support staff is very professional, easily accessible and addressed all our concerns. I highly recommend this service! Increased productivity plus happy patients is a win-win for everyone!
– Kristine Holmes, RN, MSN, Practice Manager, Tullahoma Psychiatric

70% Drop in No-Shows – Service More than Paid For Itself!

We average about 50 appointments a day, and our staff was just too busy to try and call everyone to remind them and we used to have about 10 no-shows every day! Now, since we started using the service, our daily no shows have dropped down to 2 or 3. A 70% reduction in no-shows. The service has paid for itself in just the first day.
The support staff are very accommodating and helpful with any requests or concerns we have had. Our clients enjoy the text reminders and we have had a great response from this service. I enjoy calling and knowing I am not speaking to someone at a call center, and the training for implementation was very organized and very professionally presented.
– Marcia McQueary, Office Manager for a Rheumatology Practice, Richmond, KY

Highly Recommended!

They are very accommodating and helpful with any requests or concerns we have had. Our clients enjoy the text reminders and we have had a great response from this service. I enjoy calling and knowing I am not speaking to someone at a call center, and the training for implementation was very organized and very professionally presented.
– Jodi Herman, Business Office Manager, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health, Bismarck, ND

Dramatic Decrease in No-Shows

We started using 1800Notify back in August. We have had such an incredible response from our patients about receiving their reminder calls and their reminder text messages. The process is very easy and has saved significant amounts of time by not making all of our reminder calls manually. There is also less room for human error. Everything is computer generated. 1800Notify is very easy to work with. If there is something specific that an office would like, they can probably do it. I would very much recommend them to anyone who still physically calls to remind about upcoming appointments.
– M. Berg, Office Manager, OB/GYN Practice, Decatur, IL

Highly Recommend – Great Experience

Working with 1800-Notify has been a great experience. We have been with them for two years now. Our representative (Martin) is always available to make any changes needed for our appointment reminder messages at a moments notice. He is always pleasant and gives great training examples so the process and program is easy to use. I would highly recommend 1800Notify as a great resource for any office. Thank you!
– Mary Ann Sprague, Billing Coordinator, SHINE PEDIATRICS AND WELLNESS CENTER P.A., Texas

Broadcasting Our Holiday Closing Message was Quick and Easy!

We recently used 1800 Notify s broadcasting services to inform our patients of our holiday hours and are extremely pleased with the results. They were able to offer us a customized and affordable service plan that fit our needs. Set up was quick and easy. We called multiple companies requesting information and had our calls completed by 1800 Notify before any other company even called us back. Martin was a valuable resource and wonderful to work with. I would recommend 1800 Notify to anyone in need of patient communication services.
– Charlotte Ward, Office Manager, ADHD Medical Clinic of Mobile, Alabama

One very excited and happy office!!

I am soooo excited about this!!! This is making our lives a whole lot easier here at the office and we are only just getting started! Thank you so much for all your help with this! We are one very excited and happy office!!
– Amie Cheek, Office Manager, MedPrime North (Pediatrics and Internal Medicine), Georgia

Service More Than Paid for Itself!

We just finished our 30 day free trial and couldn t be happier! Since we began the trial, we have had only TWO no-shows which is incredible! The service more than pays for itself. They were great in working with us to make our part of the process quick and easy it takes me less than 5 minutes each day to export and upload the data for the calls. I get an email confirmation within an hour or so showing responses, so I can make any schedule accommodations quickly. In addition, they offered great options for using texting, more effective wording of the messages and ways to improve responses. I love it so much I just called my own doctor to tell her about this service! Thanks again!

– Rebecca Shaw, President, Affordable Care Health Clinic

Saved Countless Hours – Wish I Had Started 3 Years Ago!

1 800 Notify has saved my office countless hours by not having to call patients. I wish I had this system 3 years ago when we opened, life would have been easy if I did.
– Debbie Cox, Owner Clarksville Pain Institute, White House Pain Institute and Cox Pharmacy

Win-Win Situation – Glad I m On Board!

I love working with 1800notify.com. I m usually a little on the skeptical side with on line companies, because of the lack of personal touch, that is definitely not the case here. Since my first encounter with them, Martin has been extremely helpful, courteous and friendly. He has made the process very easy and was so patient even when the simple things appeared super hard. The contract was super easy and quite affordable. The free trial was absolutely a game changer. I appreciate the service, I can see the improvements that are being made, the time that is being saved and revenue that our practices will receive because of this service. It s a win-win situation! Glad I m on board
– Lorilynn Laupola, Manager, Advanced Billing Solutions, LLC

No-Shows Down By 50% & Save Time – Highly Recommend

We reduced our no-shows by over 50% because our patients are reminded by 1-800 Notify calls. I have also saved at least an hour a day and can get other important tasks done. I would highly recommend the service. Office Manager, Physical Therapy Clinic, Florida

No-Shows Down 60%, Revenue up $500 / month

We are a very busy pediatrician s office with limited staff without enough time to call all the patients. With 1-800 Notify s Reminder Calls, we complete all our calls in just 3 minutes a day. I m freed up to help patients in the office. I love it, and the patients like that I m more available for them!

– Lori, Office Staff, Pediatrician

Definitely Recommend!

1-800 Notify reliably makes over 3,600 customized patient reminder calls every month for our 4 locations and I would definitely recommend the service. Our no-shows are down dramatically. We have saved countless hours of staff time with the automated calls and I love the responsive customer service from 1-800 Notify.

Extra Lab Reminders Help Out A Lot!

We used to have a problem with patients forgetting to do their lab work when they showed up for their appointments. With 1-800 Notify, we now send an extra LAB REMINDER message 2 weeks ahead of their regular reminder. Please remember to complete your lab work before your appointment in 2 weeks. The patients like the extra reminder, and we love it because it has cut down our no-show rate dramatically.

– Anne, Office Staff, Family Practice

Saved over $6,000 / year Strongly Recommend

We have saved over $6,000 a year in labor costs with the service. Our front desk has turned the 2-3 hours of saved calling time into improving patient satisfaction. Each patient gets a different message based on their appointment type. The system even reminds aqua therapy patients to bring their bathing suits! I strongly recommend the service.

– Linda Moyers, Office Manager, Affordable Health Center, Palm Coast, Florida

Big Time Savings & After Hours Calling!

We have an OB/GYN and we just added a second level provider. So we are getting close to 50 or more calls per day. We didn t have enough time do do all the calls, check in and out our patients, and get all the other follow-up work done. Now, with 1-800 Notify, our calls are done with the 3 minute upload and what s even better is that we can schedule the calls to start at 6:30pm (after we ve left) when we know it will be easier to reach the patients at home. We definitely would recommend the 1-800 Notify service to any busy doctor s office.

– Virginia, Office Staff, OB/GYN Practice

Save Over 40 Hours Every Month

We are a physical therapy clinic that operates 6 days/week with between 50-80 patients a day. We spent over 40 hours calling our patients to remind them of appointments every month. With 1-800 Notify, we are done with calls in 3 minutes a day and can spend much more time helping patients in the office. We love the time savings and our patients love the professional and regular reminder calls.

– Office Manager, Physical Therapy Clinic

Unique Messages are a Breeze!

We need to call our patients with many different types of messages. For example, we have some patients that can stop in anytime to receive an injection from the nurse or pickup their prescription refill. Other patients have specific scheduled appointments. Some patients we like to tell have negative lab results. With 1-800 Notify, we set it up so all types of patient notifications are handled reliably and uniquely every single time. We have complicated requirements and they were handled perfectly. Thank you 1-800 Notify!

– Lynn, Office Manager, Family Practice Clinic

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