Save Time with Text Message Appointment Reminders

In the past decade, the biggest change in the way we run businesses has been the way we use mobile phones. This means most businesses have been forced to change the way they reach customers. Research has shown that 79% of mobile users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up and do this over 150 times a day.

It’s, therefore, not strange when businesses are looking for the best way to reach their customers through their phones. Ahead of emails and Facebook, texting is one of the most frequently used modes of communication in the world today. Although almost 100% of texts are opened within the first three minutes, as much as two thirds of emails are never read.

Due to this, it’s obvious that text messages can deliver the best results. In fact, you can save time with text message appointment reminders. Missed appointments can cost a medical practice significant money in terms of lost productivity, not to mention the patient who may have their health adversely affected by not receiving the care they need.

Why Text Message Appointments Reminders Are Important

Several studies have shown how effective text message appointment reminders are and just how important they can become to a practice. In one study, hospitals that use text messaging have greatly reduced the number of no show patients.

For healthcare concerns or businesses, the best time to send messages, especially if the practice has already sent another reminder 2 days prior to the appointment, is the day before the scheduled appointment. This is enough time for the clients to organize themselves so that they do not miss the scheduled appointment.

It’s also advisable that when sending the message, you need to stress the importance of the appointment to the client. More so, proper use of wording is very important. You can use phrases such as: “be sure to”, “don’t forget”, and “important reminder” so as to emphasize the urgency of the appointment.

Texts are Better than Phone Call Reminders for Some Patients

The effectiveness of text message reminders is well documented; however, the most common solution many companies turn to in their attempt to reduce no shows have been phone call reminders.

Some patients no longer prefer a phone call reminder because it can prove more disruptive and requires and effort to listen to the voice mail.  An increasing number of people are not taking the effort to listen to their voice mail messages, “because it takes too much time and effort.”

More calls may be directed to voice mail systems and not listened to in a timely manner. Fortunately, text messages work in such a way that some software companies have created text message appointment reminders that you can easily use.

The idea is to confirm with the patient that text messaging reminders are acceptable. When choosing a text message appointment reminder service, it’s critical that the service provider is able to answer all your questions and provides you with all the information you need. In the end, you will find that you save time with text message appointment reminders.

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